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This site is about the game world Archipelago. It's a work in progress and these pages will be updated from time to time. There's a link on the top of the page to a forum where you can find uptodate information about the development proccess. Don't be suprised if you don't understand the language :) most of the people developing the Archipelago are swedes, and we do prefer discussing in Swedish...

The Archipelago is a new role-playing game world, it is an attempt to write the setting I always wanted for my games, a consistent setting, free of the glaring and anoying errors I think can be found in other settings. With the Archipelago I try to achive:

  • a belivable history
  • a realistic climate
  • a realistic economic system
  • working religions
  • cultures that are internaly consistent
  • a magic system that "works"

I do of course realize that claiming to be able to do all the above is quite pretentious, but those are ambitions, and maybe I won't succeed... This project will take a long time to finish!

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