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This site contains details and pieces of information about a fantasy role-playing game world called "The Archipelago". The Archipelago is a huge collection of islands and isles, shaped in the form of a gigantic triangle. If this triangle would be superimposed over Europe, the south-western angle would be in Portugal, the south-eastern angle would be in Crimea and the northern angle would be in the North Cape. The Archipelago is also called the Ten Thousand Isles by its inhabitants, the isles range in size from islands large as Ireland to small isles, little more than rocks pushing above the surface of the sea.

The Archipelago is a predominantly early medieval setting, you will find Hellenistic and Roman features in the south and Celtic, Frankish and Germanic features in the north. The technology is however 13th century rather than 6th century, there are windmills, clinker built ships and crossbows.

While each one of the Ten Thousand Isles is unique and the inhabitants (if any) have their small quirks the cultural differences between north and south, east and west, are less pronounced then they were in medieval Europe, the main reason being the much shorter travel times. Sailing from the south to the north takes about one month, much less time than it would take a caravan to travel from Sicily to northern Norway. New cultural trends and ideas are thus spread among the isles much faster than they did in medieval Europe, one result of which is a harmonization of the culture of the area, just as TV has harmonized Europe's cultures (for good and bad) during the last decades.

It would be wrong, however, emphasize the similarities with medieval Europe to much. There is no "universal" church in the Archipelago, no monotheist religion which has shaped the ideas of the peoples as Christianity did in the middle ages. The Archipelago is a recipient of cultural ideas, it reshapes those, much as Japan has done for the greater part of her cultural history - it is also in Japan one will find the seeds for some of the traits of the Archipelago. For example, the people of the Archipelago uses a phonetic script derived over the millennia from a huge set of glyphs, akin to Egyptian and Chinese pictographs (hieroglyphs). The script consists of 34 characters, and texts are written from right to left, starting in the upper right corner of a sheet, starting each row at the top of the page and writing downward to the end of the page.

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